Mum and baby hit as yobs hurl fireworks into crowd and toward police in night of terror

Mum and baby hit as yobs hurl fireworks into crowd and toward police in night of terror

A mum and her baby were reportedly hit with a firework on Halloween as a London station turned into chaos last night.

A shocking clip on social media – too distressing to share – appeared to show a firework strike the youngster’s pram as horrified onlookers watched on.

Further videos on social media depicted the early evening carnage as fireworks were set off outside London Stratford and the nearby bus station, both just a stone’s throw away from Westfield shopping centre.

A teenage girl was arrested and remains in custody at an east London police station after a firework was thrown towards officers, Met Police said.

Concerning videos showed a number of people screaming and running away from the sound of fireworks as smoke billowed in the air.

Dozens of police officers and vehicles were also at the scene with their blue lights flashing while a helicopter patrolled overhead.

Images ciruclated on TikTok reportedly showed a “Halloween Meetup” event being advertised in Stratford at 5.30pm.

It encouraged everyone to wear a Halloween mask, asked people to “try [to] bring fireworks” and “wear all black if you can”.

One person tweeted: “Stratford Bus Station in East London has been evacuated. Many, many police & a search helicopter above. Looks fairly serious.”

Another local resident told MyLondon : “These kids are causing a ruckus in Stratford, setting off fireworks. Police are everywhere, everything is cordoned off, old mall is shut down.

“There are kids in their setting off fireworks from the car park.”

A witness who was reportedly at the bus station added: “I was waiting for my bus when all of a sudden I heard a loud noise. When I turned around I saw that there were multiple fireworks aimed at the people (mainly in front of the timetable and bus stop A).

“Many people were screaming as the fireworks continued being set off. A few moments later the whole bus station was evacuated.”

A Met Police spokesperson said: “Police were called at 18:24hrs on Monday, 31 October to reports that a group of people were setting off fireworks near to Stratford Bus Station.

“Officers attended. No injuries were reported.

“A teenage girl was arrested after a firework was thrown towards officers. She remains in custody at an east London police station.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”

A London Ambulance Service spokesperson said its crews were not called to the incident as there were no patients recorded.